Many Churches need occasional technical audio assistance.  Some have full-time staff overseeing their sound system, and others have only volunteer help.  Davis Audio Production is here to fill that need with professional assistance. 

Drum Tech

 Mixing and Remixing

Studio Production

Live Production


  1. Audio Engineer – Associates Degree from Full Sail University, accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

  2. Decades of live music performances, audio consultation, installation, and live productions at conventions, churches, and especially church worship and outreach through music.   

  3. Training staff and volunteers from entry level with no experience to the seasoned professionals.  

  4. Helping develop volunteers in the use and operation of diverse sound systems, for the spoken word and live music.

  5. Proficient with audio software. 

  6. Working with all ages, experience, and backgrounds with grace.

  • Audio Engineer for studio and live production. 

  • Drum Tech


  1. Evaluate your existing equipment’s capabilities.

  2. Provide churches guidance on how to maximize the effectiveness and extend the useful life of current audio equipment, as an alternative to purchasing new.

  3. Provide alternative balancing, repair, or replacement solutions for failed equipment.

  4. Train staff and/or volunteers how to use your existing equipment. 

  5. Provide ongoing training for the production team.

  6. Freelance help for your special events.

  7. If/when new equipment is warranted, provide specification guidance to maximize benefits on a limited budget.  This is to prevent non-technical church leadership from buying unneeded capacity.   

Arvada, CO

call or text: 904-881-6359